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Joseph Blank Is There a Minimum Order?

    At Joseph Blank, NO order is too small. Whether it's one stone or one thousand stones, your order will be shipped within 24 hours -- guaranteed! So if it's just a few small stones for a ring or several large certified diamonds for a memo call, regardless of quantity or the quality, all orders receive the same level of personal attention.

What's Your Specialty or Strength?

    Joseph Blank is known as one of the best "small goods" houses in America. We handle sizes from .005 - 0.17 pts. We sell by sieve plate or exact milimeter for those customers demanding the highest level of service in small goods. We also sell large quantities for those seeking volume discounts. In addition, we have an extensive inventory of 1/5's through three-carat diamonds. Although we concentrate on the most popular shape stone - rounds - we also handle fancies from 1/2's and larger too.

Will I Receive the Same Quality and Consistency as My Last Order?

    For 95 years now, Joseph Blank has been delivering the consistency that jewelry professionals expect from their diamond supplier. Our fine reputation for quality, value, and service has allowed us to prosper along with our customers. We will not play games with your orders or make false promises. And if we happen to run short of a particular item, as a member of the New York Diamond Dealers Club, we'll get it for you!

How Fast Can I Get the Goods?

    At Joseph Blank, you have the choice of overnight, next day delivery/2nd day, or, if located in New York City, free messenger service. We deliver what you order when you need it for the price you want!

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